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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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potential problems. a coastal flood watch goes into effect in less than two hours. good morning. this is nbc 10 today. >> the entire east coast corridors. >> light showers, heavier rain will wait until tomorrow and the weekend. radar shows showers in new jersey, delaware, light showers, mainly in burlington county right now. you see scattered showers this morning. this afternoon, there is a chance we see a break in the rainfall. 60s at 7:00, cooling down with winds gusting at 15 miles an hour and above at 10:00. then showers break at 2:00 this afternoon, 61 degrees, win out of the northeast at 15 miles an hour. we will take a look at the rain and the wind with the neighborhood by neighborhood
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forecast. jessica boyington has traffic. >> and bill, we are starteding to see the first hint of traffic on 95. almost on schedule, looking at these drive times, still 16 minutes. southbound lanes in here, headed towards the center city area, you are starting to see only brake lights and a little backup. the northbound lanes are doing just fine. if you are headed to philadelphia, watch out for that cleanup for the pope as they obviously are out of the way. but we still have some crews working. spring garden between the ben franklin parkway and south 20th between vine street and the ben franklin inner drive, still with some clean-up crews in the area septa is added extra trains. sports express trains. and 11:18 a.m.
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thank you, jessica. from our jersey shore burrow, people are preparing for what could be the first major storm since sandy turned their lives upsidedown. the public works superintendent the prepping the island in brigatine. in maneyoch. the danger of storms is bringing back bad memories. remember this? flooding in april andway pay was so hot, how people there are prepping. good morning, matt. >> business owners weren't too concerned, but said they would keep their eye on what happened. what they do not want is to be caught off guard and hit with pass theive flooding quickly, like what happened with that storm last year.
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>> there is your water line. >> reporter: over at gj littlewood and sons, the warehouse was hit hard by that storm in april of last year. you see that septa bus on the water, manny, usually takes the brunt of flooding along the banks of the schuylkill that and the brandywine creek did not change that very quickly. >> the last time the river came up so fast we've never seen that happen. in the last 15 months we had on main street. >> the only positive thing they say it's helping is the lack of heavy rainfall is keeping the creeks and rivers lower than usual. with several days of rain the priority is being prepared. very prepared. chris, tracy. >> now today the threat of
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significant rain is impacting the citizens bank park where the phils wrap up their series with the mets this afternoon. it was originally scheduled as a fight game. all gates open at 11:05. meantime, nfl officials are exploring "options action" in case hurricane joaquin causes problems for the eagles. they are scheduled to play in marylanded on sunday. the league is monitoring the forecast. they're in discussions with both teams. but a contingency plan right now, it's not clear what those plans would include. we'll keep you posted. rain is a big concern in dover, pass the car races are being held all weekend ahead of the sprint car finale on sunday. >> nascar will try to get the race in for our fans and viewers on television. we have to make sure we keep in mind the safety of our drivers and our fans. that's paramount. >> that comes before everything
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else. >> weather permitting. as we mentioned earlier, sunday will be jeff gordon's last run before calling it a career. in other news happening today the judge will announce the fates of a man convicted of killing a mother and her three children in a deadly crash. it is sentencing day. the judge found him guilty of third degree murder in july. prosecutors say he was street racing when he ran over that mara banks and her kids crossing the road in 2013. the center city building collapse trial, lawyers gave opening statements yesterday in the trial of the contractor griffin campbell. campbell faces third degree murder charges. yesterday his defense attorney invoked the words of pope francis, talking about forgiveness and justice. a four story wall fell and killed and injured more than a
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dozen. he pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and cause agcas that trophy. he is facing up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced next month. meteorologist bill henley. >> it is six minutes after 6:00. we have clouds and scattered showers this morning. light showers, lots of clouds this afternoon. then rain and wind intensifying for tomorrow and into the weekend and potentially the effects in our area from joaquin. the latest information has it closer to the coastline over the next several days. 55 degrees in doyles town, friday 62. 60 in millvale and we are watching some rain at the shore t. wind is picking up the rain to the south of cape may this morning. in fact, you are more likely to find rain in philadelphia into burlington county.
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we seen light showers in delaware and south jersey. scattered light showers as well. the heavier rain is just off shore and that rain is expected to be coming into our area over the next couple days. its not associated with hurricane joaquin. this is potentially heavy rainfall for our area from a cold front that came through. now, during the day today, thursday, at 7:00 this evening, mostly cloudy skies, showers at the shore. no heavy rain here, as we go into friday, there is a potential for heavy downpours in delaware and new jersey, right along the coastline. during the day that, rain will be moving inland tomorrow and the potential for more heavy rain will be with us into saturday. look at that moving through, saturday morning, we can see more heavy rain. for today, though, umbrellas at times will be necessary. on and off showers are possible this morning, 65 in allentown,
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low 60s in quakeer town. this afternoon we could see raindrops for the shore, cape may, atlantic city, vineland in the lower 60s. the lighter showers today, heavier rainfall coming in later tomorrow. then the potential that we could feel the effects of joaquin. the latest information on joaquin when i'm back in ten minutes. as you like to say, come to your tv right now. we have information that will help you. >> we have you covered, jessco boyington is covering that. >> starting to get busy, several pocks popping occupy on the schuylkill and 95. we have a few accidents on the schuylkill expressway. so right around our south street cameras right here, we picked one up on the eastbound side. you can see the police activity on the scene right here.
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lane restrictions there. watch out for that eastbound at south street. you say kelly drive, watch out for a downed tree, they are closed to fountain green. few are headed to the stadiums today or around the area, here on 95, citizens bank park versus mets at 12:0 a 5. around lunchtime there will be traffic. currently no problems on the new jersey transit. patco or seta. they are adding two express trains to the broad street line for that phillies game i talked about today. we'll have more updates for to you come in the next ten minutes. speaking of travel, get ready to may more for your ride on a new jersey transit. we'll tell you about the fare hike that goes into effect today. experts say not everyone is ready. we'll explain what it means for you.
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>> starting today, you have to pay more to ride ten-day transit. fair fares are going up 9%. we have a look on what that will mean for you. tell us more. >> well, tracy, first of all, it means more money out of people's pockets for a train or bus ticket if you ride new jersey transit. it's also more frustrations for people, that's because this is the fifth time in just over a decade where new jersey transit upped the price of a train ticket. for example, a one way fare between trenton and new york will go up $12009 tief today a. monthly pass between the two cities goes up $40 t. increase is needed to close a $60 million buck cap, we are told. even though the company has already made significant cuts,
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well, they a0parently need to make more. this has turned political. for some, some democrats are blameing republican governor chris christie, of course, of new jersey for failing to find funding for new jersey's transportation trust fund. reporting live in camden county this morning, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. starting today, paying with plastic is supposed to change. very few cities are ready for the switch. millions of consumers are receiving credit cards with chips. retailers don't have the machines to read them. credit card companies say that's a dramatic drop in fraud when chip cards are used. >> we continue to watch the schuylkill expressway. if that is one of the roads you take on your ride to work. >> first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington has a look at your morning ride to work. we got flashing lights. that's never a good. oh, there she is.
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>> she's here. yeah, so i have been watching cameras for a few minutes now. starting to see volume on 95. all of a sudden this pops up right here on the schuylkill expressway. so several vehicles on scene to help this situation out and you can see everybody is squeezing by to the right-hand side. quite a situation there. watch out for the screen in philadelphia for the pope, still some areas where we have crews on the scene and 20th between vine street and hamilton street. if you are headed out the door with the inner lanes close.
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>> the wind is picking umm. we have some rain in the area. gusty winds in philadelphia as cooler air is dumping into the region. 62 degrees, we're running 14 degrees cooler than yesterday. watching for some rain at the jersey shore, most of the rain has been missing cape may, but the wind will be picking up and heavy rain on the shore over the next few days. this is this morning. light showers into new jersey and delaware. the heavy rain is offshore. that's the cold front that property in the cooler air you will feel first. this morning. >> that will come back at us with rainfall over the next couple days. joaquin is a powerful storm with 120-mile-an-hour winds. heading to the forth, getting closer to the east coast by early sunday morning with
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110-mile-an-hour winds. then the potential it could be ill pacting the coastline somewhere between the carolinas and our area as this will continue into next week. so some very heavy weather. it's still a lot of uncertainty, all the computer models have a different scenario. a number bring it inland into the carolinas by sunday afternoon. but a few more keep it off shore, and then into next week, you see it pulling off to the northeast. so one way or the other, a good likelihood we will be feeling some impact from joaquin. it's just uncertain at this time. so showers this morning, tapering off this afternoon, gusty winds with temperatures in the 60s today. excuse me, tomorrow, cool, wet, windy, heavy downpours, 54 in the afternoon. come saturday, wet windy conditions and sunday we may be later sunday and monday feeling the effects of joaquin coming through the area. by tuesday clearing out, with
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sunshine, taking us into the 70s tuesday and wednesday. >> all right. 6:17. this morning, a lucky lottery winner is waking up a millionaire. where a winning power pal ticket was sold and just how much it's worth. plus, price matching. we'll explain why you might be prepared to shop before you go to target.
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. it's 6:21 on this thursday morning. we want to give you a live picture of the bahamas, tracking hurricane joaquin, the category 3 storm is impacting the bahamas, it's hard to make out in the darkness of night. you can see if the wind is blowing there, they are getting pounded at the moment, we will continue to track this storm and have bill henry come along and give us more details. target is starting onlive price
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matching today. it will match online prices with competing retail officer like and costco. they are extending the time period. you can get a purchased item from seven days to 14 days. we hate to furst your bubble this morning. you probably didn't when the powerball jackpot. the website says the winning ticket was sold in a gas station. the winning ticket the second largest so far this year was sold in three rivers, 30 miles south of kalamazoo t. jackpot $310.5 million. $144 million after taxes taken out. winning numbers, 21, 31, 4, 15, powerball 17. here's the positive. someone who with the a megamillions ticket in burlington county recently has a big payday coming up. maybe not that much. but look. still good. >> tickets sold at a 711.
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i know that 711. i had stopped there. it's amazing somebody purchased a million dollar ticket there. the most recent drawing matched all five light bulbs. the winning numbers were, 21, 30, 51 and 52, the megaball was 9. this is the third time in the past two weeks a mega-millions player hit for a million bucks. amazing. and good morning, everyone, i'm jessica buyington, your first alert traffic reporter for this morning. we are watching the schuylkill expressway right now. can you see several police cars on scene and an overturned vehicle, the fire truck here as well. now we're up to a 17 minute drive time on the skull kim. these cameras right around south street for the total trip eastbound is 17 minutes. we'll have more updates for you as well as 95 when i come back at 6:30.
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for now, let's get a check on the forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> a breezy start this morning. we have showers in the region. that's a live view from center city t. winds have been gusting to more than 20 miles an hour. 62 degrees here at nbc 10. the rain, we have some rain. you can see the showers mainly light in delaware t. heavier rainfall is off shore. there is a potential for that heavier rainfall to come into the region over the next few days. coastal flood warning in effect for the jersey coastline. moderate to major flooding is possible thanks, in part to high tides, strong gusty northeasterly wind and more rain that's on the way. >> people in jersey shore are preparing for the worst within it comes to the threat of nasty weather headed our way. coming up after the break, we will talk about how people on the coastline are getting ready for joaquin. plus more fallout to bill cosby. we will tell you about the new
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allegations against the embattled comedian.
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>> it is just about 6:30 right now on nbc 10 news, we are tracking the threat of severe weather. most spots could get a break today. we're expecting that to change headed into the weekend. it could mean heavy rain, wind and potential flooding. >> that's before joaquin. we are tracking joaquin. the hurricane bearing down in the bahamas. new models out this morning tell us what could happen next and what it can mane for us. >> and this morning, preparations are under way at the jersey shore and that includes a coastal flood watch that goes into effect in more than an hour. good morning, welcome to nbc news today. >> it's 62 degrees outside.
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let's get you updated on the rain headed our way with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's not heavy rainfall, you see the showers, they have been headed towards philadelphia just light rainfall. seeing rainfall, the showers are steadier in central and southern delaware and just starting to finally move into cape may, moving out the door, 60 at 8:00. rain cooled, wind cooled at 59 degrees at 11:00 and 2:00 this afternoon, lots of clouds. might see scattered showers. >> that heads our way going into the weekend. right now jessica boyington is watching your first alert
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traffic. >> and we're still on the accident scene on the schuylkill expressway. we do have an overturned vehicle. can you see crew on the scene right here. police officers had a fire truck a little earlier. traffic still moving by the area. you see the drive times starting to be affected by this. 20 minutes from the blue route to the vine. a 12 minute trip so give yourself and extra ten or 15 as rush hour packs on. we have an accident, not in our camera. it's backing up behind it. bumper to bumper. southbound from wood haven road to the vine street expressway. it's a 28 minute trip. heading on over into jersey right now, route 38 in both directions has a set of malfunctioning, traffic lights around hartford road. watch out for that, police giving direction on the scene. we have ongoing construction in
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both directions. so watch out for a traffic for bridgework. we will have more when i come back in 20 minutes. preparing for hurricane joaquin. emergency officials will be meeting today in north carolina as the storm approaches. it can take a number of different paths. it goes up and down the east coast, they are taking it seriously. matt deluca joins us live with how people at the shore are getting ready. >> tracy, emergency management officials have the concern for record breaking tidal flooding at the shore this weekend. communities are urging residents to be prepared before the weather gets worse. even though it's unclear where it will make landfall. heavy rain and flooding are things people on the coast do not want to hear. in oaks city yesterday, public
6:32 am
works crews used heavy machinery to stockpile the sand on the beaches there. they are trying to block the beaches if they need to, to prevent it from pouring onto the street. some residents are pulling their poets out of the water. >> the wind and rain and i don't want to be out there then. >> the big question is what will happen with the coastal flooding t. folks there now know the importance of being ready early. we will stay up to date with the track of the storm. can you download our news app to be with us anywhere you are. it's all in yourd hands, download the nbc 10 app now for free. new this morning, bill cosby has new allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior days before he is scheduled to different
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testimony under oath. three more women came forward yesterday accusing him of sexual assault. more than 50 women have made similar accusations. next week, cosby is scowled to give a sworn deposition in the sexual assault lawsuit. cosby has never been charged. he don'ts the allegations. police have arrested a pair of suspects they say boat and robbed an elderly war veteran in his home. the attack happened in july. police arrested zachary hales and john reeves. investigators say hales did previous repairwork in the victim's home and robbed the victim for drug money. police say reed worked as the getaway driver. the victim described this assault to nbc 10 this summer. >> i added a bruise up here, skin missing and i had blood all
6:34 am
over my head. >> they are now charged with robbery, assault and making terroristic threats. police say thieves stole papal flags from outside a south philadelphia home and they hope this under surveillance video will lead to an arrest. verdicts say this happened last news morning. one of the suspects go out out of a white suv after circleing south 27th street. you see the suspect grabbing a flag before jumping in his car and taking off. anyone with any information, you are asked to contact police. today you start to see a lot of pink around town and in your neighborhood. also, breast cancer awareness month. in burrellington county, all west hampton develop patrol cars will display a breast cancer pink ribbon. officers will wear special designed breast cancer awareness hats and outside of the police department will be lit up pink. also, the link will turn pink. everything looks normal. later today the link will be going pink i pink for breast cancer awareness.
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the eagles and all nfl teams will be wearing pink throughout the month on uniforms. 6:35. we're starting off with clouds and some cooler temperatures and still some showers in the area. tracking light showers this morning, steadier to the south and central and delaware. showers get heavy over the next couple days. we could see more flooding conditions. more rain is due into the weekend. later in the weekend and into next week, days away, but we may be feeling the impact of joaquin. we'll keep a close eye on the storm system that's still a long way away. we will no doubt have some surprises for us for the next several days. mount poconos, 49 degrees, much cooler this morning, trath in trenton, dover is getting light rain, 61 degrees.
6:36 am
temperatures likely to come down just a bit. skies are starting to brighten over cape may. i do expect that to change. we could see issues of rain over the next several days at the shore and the delaware beaches. some of that will be moving inland. this morning you see scattered light showers, it's into new jersey and delaware we're seeing the light rainfall. dover is getting the light rainfall. it's instead cri in sussex county. heavy up towards the cooler temperatures as cold air that pushed in i don't have night and that's producing those showers off shore. they will be moving back inland, now associated with joaquin at all. those showers could bring us very heavy downpours. clouds for philadelphia. there is a potential for more rain, in fact, a coastal flood warning in effect, not only gusty winds.
6:37 am
heavy rains at times possible into tomorrow morning. those showers hugging the coastline, just offshore early friday morning, while inland we are looking at mostly cloudy skies the rain will be back for friday, some steadier rainfall at 2:00 friday afternoon, there is the potential for some heavier rainfall pushing through, into the weekend as well and that, too, is not associated with joaquin. temperatures today will struggle as we get to 61 degrees at camelback this afternoon, fleetwood 64 at morning temperatures in the 50s, pensburg 61 degrees. scattered showers, mainly this morning, a chance of an afternoon shower for saaderton, border town all in the low 60s today. more likely to see steadier rain and gust which winds along the coastline, ventnor, avalon, rehoboth all into the low 60s today. inland lots of shoudz clouds,
6:38 am
showers this morning melbourne, wilmington in the 60s. joaquin. this is the updated forecast track from the national hurricane center. joaquin is a powerful, a major hurricane, a category 3 and could increase to a category 4 by early tomorrow morning. notice by tomorrow morning, really hasn't moved much. it's crawling along about 5 miles per hour. impacting in a big way the bahamas. they're getting pounded from the storm. that's early tomorrow morning. later in the day tomorrow the national hurricane center expects some weakening, still a major storm with 125 mile an hour winds and it's on the move and heads north. it's a little to if northeast on that track. but it is expected to take a turn towards the coastline and early sunday morning, days away, it is off the carolina coastline. now, after that, this is where
6:39 am
we could see an impact for our area and points to the south. that's early monday morning, start the workweek, we could see steady rainfall, some strong gusty winds, coastal flooding. beach erosion because of the winds coming from this storm, if it stays off shore. notice the cone of uncertainty. it could be anywhere within this region early monday morning. but the national hurricane center says there is a good chance it will be hucking the coastline. if it doesn't move inland, doesn't stay farther out to sea, we could see impacts into tuesday with this storm. but lots of time for this one to change its mind. we'll be tracking it and making plans at the same time. today, plan on taking an umbrella. you need it at times, scattered showers, gusty winds, temperatures in the 60s this afternoon. there is cooler weather ahead along with a steadier rainfall. got the seven-day forecast coming back if ten minutes. all right. we have a cone of uncertain dion the schuylkill. players down, two cop tar cars
6:40 am
there. >> let's get an update with jessica boyington. >> it's on the schuylkill expressway around south street. so seems to be some progress as well. we have road flares out. police cars here in the area, blocking off tow trucks. we do, did have an overturned vehicle in the center. it seems like they uprighted this car right now, pedestrians out walking around in this area as well. use a lot of caution. we are pretty much down to one lane or so, two squeezing by around south street on the eastbound side, already a 25-minute drive time from the blues to the vine street expressway. right after that point when you hit that accident scene, for 95, we had an accident scene around the way and now we have a disabled vehicle over on the right-hand shoulder southbound from woodhaven road to the 59 street expressway. now a half hour tripch watch out for this disabled vehicle right heard and that volume headed spound into the center city area. >> thank you, jessica. this morning, the state of vamplt is in a state of
6:41 am
emergency. we'll take you to virginia beach in a live report. plus, shutdown avoided. congress approved a short-term spending bill that will keep the government up and running. one major issue remains on theible that and it could cause problems in the near future. and russia joins the fight against isis or so they say. why some u.s. officials believe the country is not targeting the terror organization.
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do we have anymore chips? [off screen] fellas? uh, sorry. we were day dreaming. about that vip tailgate and game tickets? uh yeah! and that pre-game sideline experience...
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exactly. or even eagle season tickets! [shouting over crowd] how do you know? you both have the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, the eagles instant game with top prizes of $50,000. and second chance prizes, including season tickets. [both sigh] the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. a quarter to 7:00. a developing story right now, russian airstrikes in syria are not letting up. questions remain over the intended target. russia says the attacks are aimed at the isis areas and cla imto hit eight targets so far. the pentagon is not convinced. defense secretary ash carter
6:45 am
says civilians are being killed. federal workers will be working today. congress avoided a government shutdown, but there could be another showdown in the coming months. the issue of funding planned parenthood remains on the table. lawmakers voted in favor of to keep the government operating to december 11ing. president obama signed the bill hours before the midnight deadline. meanwhile, congress did not renew a federal health program to september 11th first responders. the program will now be phased out by next summer. first responders are still eligible for health care. congress is paying tribute to 87 firefighters who have died. four local firefighters, including the first woman to die while on duty in philadelphia. leiutenant joyce craig died in december fighting a basement fire. she is being honor ed.
6:46 am
a congressional fire caucus presented 87 american flags flown over the capital to their surviving family members. firefighters from across the countries came to assure those will never be morgan. we all bring everything to a we share the moment in the moment. >> these flags will be transferred to maryland and the names of the firefighters will be added to the memorial on sunday. right now, hurricane joaquin is turning towards bahamas. the people along the east coast are preparing for what is to come. what are conditions like, mike? >> right now, tracy, we got the
6:47 am
winds off the water at 15 to 20 miles an hour. remember last week we had five days of this a lot of beach erosion up and down the carolina beaches. this is a part of virginia beach. this is one of the big issues we will have. the american model is trending off the coast. >> that is a sigh of relief. so the bottom line, though, tracy, even if there is not a direct hit, seeming less and less likely. we will have big impact on the beaches from the jersey shore to the carolinas, especially tonight, friday and saturday. a big high to the north. low pressure to the south. a channeling effect, we squeeze the pressure gradient the winds will be gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour. we will have minor coastal flooding. beach erosions. in the interior parts of the carolinas could see maybe ten more inches of rain between now an saturday night and sunday morning. so inland areas could be dealing
6:48 am
with not only flash flooding but river and stream flooding. so even if joaquin doesn't make a direct impact and stays off the coast, there will be a whole lot of issues to deal with. fortunately, we won't have the kind of wind and the kind of impact we would have with a direct hit from a hurricane. tracy, that's how it stand now. weather going downhill the next couple days. bad beach weather here on the jersey shore all the way down to virginia beach or the outer banks of north carolina. >> reporting live for us, certainly people at the jersey shore are preparing for whatever happens. >> let's look ahead on the "today" show. >> we get a preview from matt lawered and savannah guthrie. >> hey, guy, good morning to you. of course, we will be talking about what mike seidel was talking about. joaquin making its approach to the united states. we will be keeping a close eye with al on those projected path lines. ahead, lots going on in politics today. we will have republican presidential candidate jeb bush
6:49 am
here live for an interview. and we will kick off our pink power campaign in honor of breast cancer awareness month. what every woman needs to know about detection, treatment and recovery. lots to get to this morning as we begin on a thursday morning here on "today." >> see new ten, 11 minutes. >> all right. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. a cooler, breezy start this morning. i am tracking showers, 62 degrees in philadelphia definitely cooler. so far, we're not seeing a lot of rainfall. but that's definitely going to with the scenario that you just heard, mike seidel talking about light rainfall now in delaware and south jersey. look at that heavy rain off shore, that will come back at us the next couple days. a lot of rainfall, especially along the coast. we see more than four inches into saturday morning in southern delaware into south jersey and some periods of heavy
6:50 am
rain extending inland. there is already a flash flood warning in effect. a coastal flood warning in effect in south jersey and southern delaware and farther to the north, a coastal flood watch until sunday afternoon. this will be a long duration area. osf joaquin. it's a powerful storm. the computer models disagree a bit. they take them inland, the national hurricane center thinks it will hug the coastline and potentially come our way early next week monday and tuesday. for today, showers gusting winds this afternoon. the winds will stay with us. the showers should take a break at times this afternoon. tomorrow, wind, rain, heavy at times, 54 degrees on friday. come saturday, wind and rain, 60 degrees and it could continue
6:51 am
sunday, especially if joaquin inches our way sunday afternoon, monday, some heavy rain and gusty winds, they have issued a first alert for friday and saturday. thanks, for the potential for gusty winds and heavy rainfall in our area. but we may extend that into sunday and monday, depending on what joaquin does and then with a bit of luck, it will pull away from our area clearing out tuesday. it's a long ways away. >> it's only affecting the sports teams. the filmilys moved their games up to noon today t. eagles are looking close to what is happening in washington. >> a good idea. >> all right, thank you very much. we appreciate it, bill. >> and we will stay on top of this week's wet weather, right on your smartphone and your tablet. download the free nbc 10 news app. first alert radar alerts and more, we will update any changes in the projected track of joaquin. now, let's update you on your ride to work. >> we will check in with jessica
6:52 am
boyington. >> hey, we're updating you on this accident scene on the schuylkill expressway, literally cleared out of the way t. last tow truck moved. can you see road flares out in the area. just behind me in here, there is no police activity. basically under control and out of the way. now cars able to drive past here on this exit ramp. again eastbound, we see that 25-minute drive time eastbound from the blue route to the vineway expressway. we are starting to be a little slow on the northbound side so there is an accident reported. 42 northbound south of 295 in belmar ahead of this scene, so a six-minute drive time. typically a four-to-five minute trip, seeing that increase a little bit. >> thank you, jessica. people in our area are prepping for the worst when it comes to the wet and windy weather heading our way. let's check in with matt. >> and the first alert weather
6:53 am
center, coming up after this break, what is being done to protect the city and the shore from potential flooding? count on the nbc 10 first alert weather team to keep you prepared. download the app today.
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>> i'm back in the first alert center. to see what's being done ahead of the rainfall. business owners did not express too much concern. although they are watching closely. a couple inches of rain can be the difference between ponding and extensive property damage. places like ocean city are stockpiling the sand. officials there tell nbc 10 things could get worse saturday.
6:57 am
several shore towns send alerts to residents, advising them to prepare early just in case. i'm live in camden county, right now people are getting ready to board new jersey transit buses and trains, starting the morning, they're going to have to pay more a. new jersey transit rate hike of nearly 9% goes into effect beginning today for all trains and buses. that means a one-way fare from say trenton to new york is going to cost riders an additional $1.50 for each ticket. for a monthly pass, it will cost you $40 extra. transit lead, say the increase is needed to close a $60 million budget gap, in addition to more money out of people's pockets, it's causing a lot of riders to be frustrated. this is the fifth rate hike new jersey transit has put in place
6:58 am
in just over a decade. reporting live, katy vacry, nbc 10 news. and we're starting to get in the heart of rush hour, we're on 95 around girard avenue, seeing a jam up here. look at the drive time, we're at 31 minutes so the vine street expressway. an earlier accident, a disabled vehicle over the right-hand side. we haven't quite recovered from that yet. watch out, the inner lanes are closed to fountain grown because of a downed tree. in new jersey, route 38 having a traffic light malfunction. that's in both direction around hartford road, heading out around lunchtime to the stadium area with edo doctor a change time for the phillies game at citizen bank park today at 12:05. mass transit helping out. septa adding trains for extra
6:59 am
servi service. >> clouds over cape may. we are watching gore gusty warnings in effect through tomorrow morning. at the sure the rain is starting to come down. it's going to be rainy, part may be because of joaquin, radar shows spotty light showers in the area right now, an umbrella, you will need it. today won't be an all day rain for philadelphia, a better chance of steadier rain at the shore and through it all the temperatures cool, we are talking 50s and 60s t. wind steady out of the north northeast at 14 miles an hour. that's at 8:00. showers at 11:00. philadelphia could see breaks in the rainfall in this afternoon.
7:00 am
>> thank you, bill. requested today" show is up next. now is a good time to download the nbc 10 app. so you can stay updated on tracking the storms. good morning. breaking overnight, joaquin, a major category three hurricane and getting stronger. the east coast on alert from florida to new england. where does the latest forecast have this powerful storm headed? new airstrikes. russia jets carry out more bombings in syria overnight as the u.s. bomb the russians for fanning the flames. >> that approach is tantamount to pouring gasoline on the fire. >> as tensions heat up between washington and moscow, what exactly is putin up to? drip, drip, drip. the latest batch of hillary clinton's e-mails show spammers tried to hack into her e-mail account. did a lea r


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